Diaphragm Seal System

Differential Pressure Level Solutions

Diaphragm seals are used to prevent the process medium from entering directly into the pressure-sensing assembly of the differential, gauge, or absolute pressure transmitter.

The applications that are suitable for diaphragm seal systems are measuring the liquid level, density, flow, and pressure of:

  • high/low-temperature fluids
  • highly corrosive/high viscosity fluids
  • the fluids which may cause clogging of impulse piping in the low temperature
  • toxic fluids
  • the fluids containing suspended solids that are deposited in the impulse piping and may cause clogging.
Diaphragm Seal Transmitter Diaphragm Seal


  • EJXC40A (DRS)

    • DP Accuracy: ±0.055% of Span
    • Stability: ±0.1% of URL per 10 years
    • Static Pressure Accuracy: ±0.04% of Span
    • MWP: Up to flange rating
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Yokogawa DPharp EJA/EJX Pressure transmitters do not need frequent re-zeroing due to superior long term stability, it contributes to reduce maintenance time.

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Incorrect measurements can cause tanks to overflow creating potential safety or environmental problems; or, low levels can cause pump damage.


Differential pressure level measurement has an enemy- temperature. Temperature can have a negative effect on the accuracy of level measurement. This article covers why temperature has this effect and how it can be reduced.


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