OpreX Asset Performance Monitoring

Monitoring, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance services that give an accurate understanding of the plant state and maintain and improve the performance of increasingly complex systems.

  • Integrated System Health Monitoring

    Both owners and EPCs require an easy way to assess if the integrated system is approaching any of the defined design constraints before approving changes to be applied during the project and operations.


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  • Environment Monitoring Service

    As part of the periodical asset health check service, our experts analyze environment data and propose a plan for optimizing the environment. This solution can prevent failures caused by deterioration due to the environment.

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Edition 1

Yokogawa Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems overcome common issues towards improved efficiency and reliability, keeping water quality at optimal levels to promote process efficiency and user satisfaction, avoiding premature corrosion and equipment failure producing. Facilities will see improvements to their systems’ overall health, as costly instrument maintenance falls.

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