Servicios de Ejecución de Proyectos

As your automation partner, Yokogawa delivers a total automation solution, covering the entire lifecycle of projects. This proven method brings experience, engineering, technology, safety, and lifecycle support. At the same time, it reduces risks and lowers overall costs.

The value proposition of MAC during the project is to be a single point of responsibility: to improve project economics with a flawless startup and commissioning as the goal. The design philosophy of MAC is based on optimizing the total automation investment through maximizing the lifecycle value and reducing TCO. Yokogawa’s differentiating factor as a MAC is to be flexible in its approach to handling the complex requirements and challenging targets of the various stakeholders in the project.

In this environment, Yokogawa has launched its low-cost Agile Project Execution (APEX) model. It maximizes the converging benefits of smart engineering, delivery excellence and latest technology like our new network IO and Automation Design Suite, which enables us to deliver efficient design solutions based on our uniquely flexible and agile execution style.

Yokogawa also bundles its MAC experience into yi-MAC and value delivery services. These services are offered to end-users and EPCs during the pre-FEED stage to assure innovative MAC benefits are designed and delivered throughout the project and operation phases.

  • Main Automation Contractor (MAC)

    Yokogawa's main automation contractor (MAC) service delivers the full scope of project execution capabilities. Yokogawa assumes responsibility over the entire automation related aspects of the project, helping you meet budget, time, manpower, delivery, and risk management needs.

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  • Agile Project Execution

    Agile Project Execution provides new engineering possibilities and changes the way projects can be planned and executed, reducing risk and adding flexibility to the schedule.

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  • Intelligent Asset Management

    Yokogawa makes it easier to maintain your plant via system-integrated field instrumentation. Field Digital Integration services enable intelligent device management and flexible binding.

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In 2011, Pandora Methanol acquired petrochemical production facilities in Beaumont, Texas that had been mothballed since 2004. These two plants, a 13-year old ammonia plant and a 50-year old methanol plant, had received only marginal maintenance during this extended shutdown and had suffered direct hits from two major hurricanes.

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Over the past decade, companies have been using unconventional drilling technology to extract gas and liquid from the readily available shale formations in North America. As the industry gains experience, the production rates continue to rise based on better use of technology to locate resources and to decrease the time from exploration to production.


The ability to deliver a full scope of project execution capabilities is becoming more important than ever for automation suppliers that wish to compete on a global scale. Process automation suppliers have always had some degree of project execution capabilities, but only recently have suppliers and end users begun to realize the true economic impact that precise and comprehensive execution capabilities can have on the success of an automation project and on plant lifecycle costs.


Instrumentation devices and equipment serve for plants as the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin, which are responsible for the five senses, and act as the central nervous system and brain do for human beings. The reliability and availability of such devices and equipment are the most important requirements of customers.



Chet Mroz of Yokogawa Discusses Critical Automation in the Energy Market @ the 2014 ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, FL. Interview conducted by Mark Sen Gupta of ARC Advisory Group.


0:00 "La estrategia de Yokogawa Corporation of America en EU, Canadá y México" por Chet Mroz, Presidente y CEO, de Yokogawa Corporation of America

4:13 "Creando Valor e Innovación en la Automatización Industrial (IA) a través de alianzas estratégicas" por Chiaki Itoh, vicepresidente de marketing HQ IA, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

8:47 "La Alianza Estratégica Global con Dell" por Nobuaki Konishi, VP, Div. de Sistemas de Negocios, HQ Plataforma de Negocios IA, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

20:24 "La Ventaja OEM de Dell" por Joyce Mullen, VP y Gerente General, Soluciones OEM, Dell Inc.


Whether they are brownfield migration or greenfield, major automation and control system projects present a challenge to owner operators. Learn how others prepare and execute successful automation and control system projects. 


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