Integración de Sistemas
  • Main Automation Contractor (MAC)

    Yokogawa's main automation contractor (MAC) service delivers the full scope of project execution capabilities. Yokogawa assumes responsibility over the entire automation related aspects of the project, helping you meet budget, time, manpower, delivery, and risk management needs.

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  • Engineered Solutions

    Integrated Solutions provides customers with engineered, turn-key, solutions utilizing Yokogawa's industry-leading products. With a large staff of engineers as well as a state of the art control panel fabrication shop, Integrated Solutions will work with each customer to devise a unique strategy, that will enhance productivity through the innovative application of industrial automation and information technologies

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Continuous Control Solutions ("CCS") has been providing advanced turbo machinery solutions to global markets since 2000 with a steadfast focus on developing advanced control algorithms implemented in the customer's choice of PLC or DCS hardware platform. CCS Turbo Machinery Control Solutions have been implemented on a variety of hardware platforms including Allen Bradley ControlLogix, Honeywell C300, Siemens S7, ABB AC800M and Emerson DeltaV.


Las Soluciones de Control Continuo ("CCS") se especializan en desafíos de control de turbo-maquinaria industrial para diversos tipos de industrias. La tecnología de turbo-máquinas de CCS y los algoritmos de control patentados son independientes de la plataforma del hardware y se han implementado con éxito en diferentes plataformas de hardware desde el 2004.


Instrumentation devices and equipment serve for plants as the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin, which are responsible for the five senses, and act as the central nervous system and brain do for human beings. The reliability and availability of such devices and equipment are the most important requirements of customers.


Offshore, February 2013

Offshore and deep-water production has been a significant factor in the sustained growth of the oil and gas industries over the past decade and this trend is expected to continue beyond 2013. 


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