OpreX Upgrade and Migration

Considering the total cost of ownership (TCO), scheduled upgrades and a comprehensive migration plan are implemented on a continuous basis to allow our customers to operate their plants more efficiently and profitably. Unscheduled plant shutdowns or decrease in performance can be avoided due to ageing equipment or End-of-Support software.

  • Yokogawa System Upgrade

    To generate the maximum return with the minimum investment and ensure that your business remains competitive, upgrade to Yokogawa's latest plant control system from a legacy CENTUM or from another vendor DCS.

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  • Control & Instrumentation Study

    When the automation assets in a plant approach the end of life, they become more likely to cause an unplanned shutdown. We examine which assets need to be demolished and/or replaced.

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  • Field Upgrade

    Yokogawa’s specialists are experienced in all phases of this process. Through its consulting service, Yokogawa can help you come up with optimal migration and upgrade strategies.

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  • Migración/Reemplazo del DCS

    No hay un "camino correcto" para la migración de un sistema: cada planta es única en sus prioridades operacionales, restricciones presupuestales, sistemas Legacy, y así sucesivamente. Quedarse estancado con activos envejecidos no es la mejor opción, pero el camino a seguir debe planificarse con cuidado y flexibilidad.

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  • Safety Excellence Services

    Inherent risks in process facilities include mechanical integrity. After several decades of operating a plant, various age-related problems start to occur. Maintaining integrity at every layer of protection is critical.

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