Environmental Policy

Based on the Yokogawa philosophy which states, "Our goal is to contribute to society through broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control, and information," and recognizing that environmental conservation of the precious earth is a critical issue for the whole of humanity, the Yokogawa Group shall pursue the following environmental activities for realizing sustainable world.

  • Establish its environmental management system, clarify its roles, authorities and responsibilities and pursue the environmental activities.
  • Observe the laws and regulations, set voluntary standard if needed and strive to prevent pollution.
  • Promote the prevention of environment by setting environmental objectives about environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity and use of resources.
    (1) Carry out resource recycling management by endeavoring to reduce, reuse and recycle of resources, conserve energy use and prevent global warming, and minimizing the risks of environmental pollution in all of the operations.
    (2) Develop and produce environmentally friendly "green" products in consideration of the environmental burden throughout the products' lifecycle, from material purchase, manufacturing and distribution, to use and disposal of the products.
    (3) Supply society with value-added solutions and services for conserving the earth's environment through measurement, control, and information technologies.
    (4) Encourage its employees to participate in environmental conservation activities under their own initiative as good corporate citizens.
  • Provide all working people in the Yokogawa Group the education and training necessary for promoting environmental conservation activities.
  • Disclose information and promote open communications with all working people in the Yokogawa Group, customers, shareholders, members of the local communities and contractors to deepen and co-create environmental conservation actions and initiatives.
  • Evaluate environmental performance, conduct audits on a regular basis, and make continual improvements in the Yokogawa Group environmental management system.