Health & Safety Form Decontamination statement

General Information

This document is used for gathering safety information for the return and maintenance of instruments and components. The customer bears the responsibility for the health and safety of all who come into contact with the returned and maintained item(s). This responsibility spans from the users own personnel, through shipping agents, to Yokogawa Electric Corporation and our Service Personnel who come into contact with the instrument and its components. Any contamination of the instrument and components, even if it has been removed, must be made known, and the declaration on contamination must always be filled out.

Declaration on decontamination

The people that carry out the repair and/or service must be informed about the condition of the potentially contaminated instruments and components before the work is started. The "Declaration on decontamination of Instruments and Components" serves that purpose. This declaration must be sent direct to Yokogawa Electric Corporation or a firm assigned by him. Any products returned to Yokogawa Electric Corporation without this completed form will not be processed.


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