OpreX Managed Service

The OpreX Managed Service is provided on top of a software platform that is able to ascertain the soundness not only of operational technology (OT) such as distributed control systems and field devices but also a wide range of IT assets including network devices, meaning that it can be used in both predictive maintenance and incident management. 

Using this platform, Yokogawa can remotely monitor and identify the causes of any problems in this equipment for their customers. Leveraging the OT, IT, and plant maintenance know-how that Yokogawa has developed over the years by closely working with our customers in many different industries, Yokogawa is able to help customers reduce the frequency of unexpected plant shutdowns, streamline the operation of production equipment, and decrease maintenance workload. 

Table of Contents 

- Summary

- Customer Benefits

- Features


Running a plant on maximum and sustainable performance is a challenge for many companies. In many cases of a shutdown or slowdown, the information that the plant performance is at risk was already available but unfortunately not used. One of the major common factors is that somewhere there is a disconnection between People, Process, and Technology.
Yokogawa’s OpreX Managed Service will help in creating the most boring but reliable plant. This vendor-agnostic service enables monitoring the status of underlying applications and systems, managing all risks in a single window, and turning data into proactive action with our managed services. With the true integration of People, Process, and Technology, enterprises will be able to focus on the core business, maximizing production.

Customer Benefits

MSS screen

  • Gain visibility and manage risk by integrating all plant-wide asset performance, compliance, and security data into a ‘single pane of glass’.
  • Improve maintenance effectiveness and efficiency by replacing unnecessary routine-based maintenance activities with condition-based and predictive maintenance activities.
  • Perform the right action at the right time by managing workflows and making decisions based on real-time data.
  • Share maintenance and cybersecurity expertise with Yokogawa SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) 


MSS feature
  • Real-time data collection of any field, PLC/DCS, network, and computer devices 
  • Asset performance, compliance, and security insights via a single dashboard
  • 24/7 managed service including incident management and advice on enhancements that can be made, along with notification of any device abnormalities or signs of an impending device failure 
  • Flexible offerings to suit enterprise needs and security policies, either on customer’s dedicated server or cloud environment, or Yokogawa’s shared cloud environment





Eén oplossing die alle relevante data met betrekking tot field assets, IIoT, (veiligheids)besturingssystemen, netwerkapparatuur en computersystemen combineert? Zodat u een geïntegreerd overzicht heeft van de status van uw fabriek die alle informatie omzet in bruikbare inzichten, waardoor u de beschikbaarheid van uw fabriek zeer efficiënt kunt beheren? Bekijk de recording van het webinar waarin Gijs van Erp de visie van Yokogawa op betrouwbaar en veilig asset management presenteert. Hij schetst hij het volledig geïntegreerde, Yokogawa's OpreX Managed Service voor voorspelbaar onderhoud.


COVID, de dalende olieprijs en de vergrijzing zorgen voor een onstabiel economisch klimaat. In deze recording bespreekt Hans Hennekam 3 klant cases om hier flexibiel op in te kunnen spelen, de uptime verhogen, kosten verlagen en de veiligheid verbeteren.


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