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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Control and Measurement Station





The display is a wide-viewing-angle TFT color liquid-crystal display. The screen layout makes it easy to find the information you need, and a variety of innovations make it easy to adjust the display as needed.

Control Panel

The control panel is easy to operate through one-touch operations using the function keys, which are linked with the control monitoring screen.

CX2000 CX2000
  1. Status display
    The status display graphically displays the CX operation status.
  2. Display mode menu
    When the DISP operation key is pressed, a display mode menu pops up. Use the operation keys to make a selection on this menu and switch display modes.
  3. Function display
    Displays setting functions required to enter various settings and monitor controls.
  4. Function keys
    These keys are used to select and use the setting functions displayed in 3.
  5. Setting keys
    These keys are mainly used to enter settings related to controls and recording.
  6. Operation keys
    These keys are used mainly for normal operations (in operation mode) and to switch display modes. They may also be used to move the cursor.
  7. External storage media

Using the Tuning Screen

Using the Tuning Screen