Human Resources Development

A diverse workforce is an indispensable resource and a key driver for Yokogawa's growth and creation of value. To achieve the targets of the Transformation 2020 mid-term business plan, whose overall goal is the creation of new value through co-innovation with our customers, Yokogawa is pursuing a human resources strategy that is focused on transformation through the strengthening of human resources, promotion of diversity and inclusion, and management of health and productivity.

Creating a Corporate Culture in which the Company and its Employees Work Together to Sustain Growth

Transformation Through the Strengthening of Human Resources

Yokogawa University, an in-house institution, is introducing skill development and training programs to develop personnel who have demonstrated the capability to take on high value-added tasks and support individuals who wish to take on new challenges in different business fields. By offering all employees opportunities for professional growth and cultivating a corporate culture in which employees can learn from one another, Yokogawa aims to transform itself into an enterprise that is able to achive sustained growth.

Global Human Resources Development

To sustain growth and enhance its corporate value over the medium to long-term, Yokogawa is prioritizing the development of leaders who are capable of achieving success in the global business arena. For this purpose, Yokogawa has established a committee to oversee the development of global human resources and prepare talented individuals for managerial roles. In fiscal 2018, the committee launched an initiative that seeks through the visualization of HR data to identify and develop such talented individuals.