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2003 Press Releases-07

Tokyo, Japan - May 20, 2003

Yokogawa Selected by Eraring Energy for Large Power Station in Australia

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that Eraring Energy, a major electricity generating corporation in Australia, has placed a contract with Yokogawa Australia for an Integrated Control and Monitoring System (ICMS) to replace the control systems at Eraring Power Station. Eraring Power Station, located 125km north of Sydney in New South Wales, is one of the largest power generation plants in Australia. It comprises four 660MW coal-fired boiler/steam generator units.

This is the first contract awarded directly by Eraring Energy to Yokogawa to supply a distributed control system (DCS). Yokogawa's proven capabilities in the power industry have been demonstrated on many power plants, including recent similar successes at Liddell Power Station in NSW and Playford Power Station in South Australia. The control systems at Eraring will be retrofitted progressively, with the first changeover scheduled for March 2004 and the final unit being completed by the end of 2005.

Eraring power station was commissioned from 1981 to 1984. Eraring Energy is keen to maintain plant reliability and to gain operational improvements in order to maintain competitiveness in the Australian de-regulated power market. Eraring Energy selected Yokogawa's modern generation DCS, CENTUM CS 3000 R3, for this purpose, together with Yokogawa's Exaquantum Plant Information Management System and PRM Plant Resource Manager, to replace and extend the existing control and monitoring systems . The scope is to provide an integrated system controlling the operation of the boilers, turbines, generators and other balance of plant equipment. A full replica simulator* is also being provided. This will be used to train operating staff for the new control equipment, as well as to test the new control equipment prior to plant commissioning. The simulator will further develop human resources in the plant operation and enable high-quality power generation and cost competitiveness.

Mr. Peter Jackson, General Manager/Production at Eraring Power Station, said, "Eraring Energy considered that the Yokogawa solution offered the best integrated package of a control system, monitoring system and training simulator, as well as strong local support."

The project will be a joint Yokogawa effort. Yokogawa Australia's Global Power Solutions Center (GPSC) will be leading the project, Yokogawa's Japan headquarters will lend assistance, and TechComm Simulation will provide the full replica simulator. GPSC was established at Yokogawa Australia in 2001 to pursue and implement power industry solutions worldwide. TechComm Simulation is a wholly owned Yokogawa subsidiary in Australia that is known worldwide for setting the standard in simulation technology.

* a full replica simulator: A system which completely simulates the actual plant configuration and the operation equipment in the control room.

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