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Company Overview

Company Overview

A message from the top management to Yokogawa stakeholders together with information on the Yokogawa organization, its brand and identity, business concept, and system of corporate governance

Corporate Data

Overview of Yokogawa, including sales figures and number of Group companies and employees

Message from the Top Management

Message from President and CEO Takashi Nishijima

Our Brand and Identity

Introduction to Yokogawa's corporate brand and identity

Business Segments

Introduction to our business segments

Corporate Strategy

“Transformation 2017” Mid-term Business Plan introduced on May 12, 2015

Corporate Executives

Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board members, and officers

Our Organization

Organization of Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Corporate Governance

Yokogawa’s basic system of corporate governance including business execution system, board of directors, board of auditors, and overall structure

Corporate History

Our history since 1915

Global Network

Information on our offices worldwide and a route map to Yokogawa headquarters

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