Water Resource Conservation

The Yokogawa Group implements resource-saving/energy-saving measures and initiatives designed. Specifically, we are working to reduce the amount of water usage by improving our production processes and by introducing water-saving systems to our office water supplies.

Efforts in the Middle East and Southeast Asia

In regions where securing water resource is a serious challenge, the companies of Yokogawa Group are promoting efforts regarding water resource through measures such as monitoring water usage and securing alternative water resource.

Yokogawa Middle East & Africa (Bahrain)

In Middle Eastern countries, shortage of water is a serious problem. Yokogawa Middle East & Africa contributes to the government's water protection measures through efforts as follows:

  • Sets the target for reduction in water consumption per employee per year, and manages the progress.
  • Use normal tap water for non-drinking purposes.
  • Complying with local regulations on water protection including conservation and contamination.
  • Imparting awareness on water protection amongst employees.
  • Inspecting any water leakages during the HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) inspection tour at all facilities and taking immediate corrective and preventive measures on any detected abnormality in the water supply system.

Yokogawa Electric Asia / Yokogawa Engineering Asia / Yokogawa Electric International (Singapore)

To support the measures by the Singaporean government such as maintaining drinking water resource and utilizing alternative water resource, Yokogawa Group companies in Singapore implement the following measures:

  • Strictly comply with the guideline set by PUB (Public Utilities Board) to avoid excess use of water.
  • Use NEWater (recycled water produced from treated used water) for air conditioning systems instead of normal tap water.
  • Install water-saving devices to lavatories and water utilities.
  • Regularly check water consumption to find water leakage early.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (Japan)

Water-saving systems have been introduced at Yokogawa Electric head office to reduce the amount of water usage.