CENTUM CS 3000 R3 Integrated Production Control System

Yokogawa released CENTUM CS 3000 R3 in 1998 as the first Windows-based production control system under our brand. For over 10 years of continuous developments and enhancements, CENTUM CS 3000 R3 is equipped with functions to make it a matured system. With over 7600 systems sold worldwide, it is a field-proven system with 99.99999% of availability.

CENTUM CS 3000 R3 features an open architecture, flexibility, and compatibility with existing systems. It can be seamlessly connected with the previous CENTUM systems, as well as it is easily upgraded into CENTUM VP system which was released in 2008.

Yokogawa guarantees the long-term support and supply of CENTUM CS 3000 R3 systems so that our customers will enjoy the optimized use of the asset.

CENTUM CS 3000 can be applied from a small to large scale production control systems. Since it was released in 1998, we kept adding and enhancing its functions continuously. CENTUM CS 3000 has established an absolute integrity with Yokogawa's ProSafe-RS safety instrumented systems released in February 2005, contributing to the plant safety.

Human Interface Station (HIS)

HIS is a human machine interface for CENTUM CS 3000 R3 and it is available in enclosed display style, open display style, and desktop style.

Engineering Station (ENG)

Engineering station is a PC with engineering capabilities used for system configuration and system maintenance.

Field Control Station (FCS)

Field control station is the control unit for plant process control. Varying with the application capacities and application usages, there are several types of field control stations in the lineup.

Safety Control Station (SCS)

Safety control station is a controller of the ProSafe-RS TÜV SIL3 certified safety instrumented system and it can be configured on the same network with CENTUM CS 3000 enabling HIS to monitor status of ProSafe-RS.

I/O Modules

Varieties of Fieldnetwork I/O (FIO) are available in compact sizes to convert process signals for FCS formats. The FIO first appeared in the market in 2001 and kept enhancing its functions and adding its varieties ever since. The same technology is inherited to CENTUM VP, the latest Yokogawa DCS. Remote I/O are for remote input and output that passes the field signals to FCS control unit via remote buses.

Bus converter (BCV)

Bus converters are required if a system contains multiple domains or contains the legacy CENTUM project.

System Integration OPC Station (SIOS)

SIOS serves as a gateway for connecting CENTUM CS 3000 R3 system and the OPC server to the third-party PCS. It exchanges data, and acquires alarms and events through the OPC server.

Control Network (Vnet/IP)

A real-time control network for linking the stations such as FCS, HIS, and BCV. Click Vnet/IP for more information.

Field Digital Network

CENTUM CS 3000 R3 supports field digital protocols such as FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, HART, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Modbus, Modbus/TCP, EtherNet/IP and ISA100 wireless

Yokogawa controllers are designed for controlling and monitoring industrial plants which must keep running non-stop in stabilized status with high reliabilities.

  • Stable operation and proactive maintenance were realized at new coal-chemical plant in China.
  • Yokogawa engineers ensured a successful and efficient commissioning and startup.
  • Operator intervention during the automated plant and turbine startup and shutdown processes is minimized
  • Greatly reduces operator work load and errors, and mitigate thermal and physical stress on the turbine
  • World's first offshore regasification terminal relies on Yokogawa ICSS (CENTUM CS 3000, ProSafe-RS).
  • LNG carrier scheduling, unloading, tank storage, and vaporizing are all procedure based operations.
  • Modern waste to energy facility in UK uses CENTUM CS 3000 and ProSafe-RS
  • Lakeside exports at least 34MW per hour to the country's national grid
  • Rapid Implementation of Integrated CENTUM CS 3000 and ProSafe-RS.
  • The highly reliable CENTUM CS 3000 system has also helped TOL maintain high productivity at this plant.
  • Yokogawa's CENTUM CS 3000 DCS Monitors and Controls Operations at Poultry Litter-to-energy Plant
  • The boiler and turbine startup procedures reduces operator workload and helps to ensure a smooth and safe startup
  • Thai SPP uses CENTUM CS 3000 to improve efficiency of Biomass Power Plant
  • The burning of the ground rice husks in the boiler's furnace chamber is a complex process that must be carefully controlled

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