SMART 920 - 920 MHz Wireless Data Acquisition

Changing the way you see your process data

The SMART 920 is a wireless recording solution for the SMARTDAC+ family of recorders and data loggers. With the SMART 920, a GX20, GP20 or a GM10 will become a completely self-contained industrial data acquisition system that supports data collection from both wired and wireless points.

When you need to add measurement points that cannot be easily reached, or when it becomes expensive or difficult to run wire to that point, a wireless solution is recommended.

Equipped with 920 MHz Mesh network technology, the SMART 920 has a longer range than one in the 2.4 GHz band typically used in wireless LAN applications. The 920 MHz wireless signal also gives it a greater reach around obstacles, making it favorable for long distance or highly obstructed environments.

Note: The use of SMART 920 enabled units is limited to the United States, Korea and Japan. Please refer to the instruction for proper installation and use.


Flexible transmission of important data

Flexible wireless communication

  • Communication between the main unit and a SMART 920 remote unit can be established up to approximately 1 km in line of sight.
  • The intelligent mesh network automatically recognizes unstable wireless links and re-routes data to a clear channel.

Flexible wireless communication 1 Flexible wireless communication 2


High speed, high reliability, multi-channel communication

  • It is possible to communicate with 100 slave devices at 1 second update speeds.
  • We can support a wide range of applications from small single point to large multi-point applications.
High speed, high reliability, multi-channel communication


Notification by alarm when communication is disconnected

  • In the unlikely event that wireless communications is interrupted whereas data cannot be collected, the master unit will inform you by alarm.
Notification by alarm when communication is disconnected


Can be easily installed in locations without power

  • Since the GX70SM is a compact, battery-powered wireless input unit, it can be easily mounted and used in areas without power.

Interpolation of data loss (when using GX70SM)

  • If all communication routes are down, the GX70SM continues to collect data. It is possible to restore the data stored in the GX70SM into the missing record of the GX20 / GP20 / GM10.


Part 11 compliant

  • SMART 920 supports electronic records and electronic signatures under FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for food, pharmaceutical and other FDA regulated applications.


Improves status and remote monitoring

Storage warehouse door status & temperature monitoring

Monitor the temperature of the warehouse and check whether a door has been left open. Customize your display for an immediate overview of your facility.

Storage warehouse door status & temperature monitoring

Monitor machine operating status

By using the master recorder's math function, it is possible to calculate total downtime, the number of system stops, and other operational data.

Monitor machine operating status

Remote monitoring of operation conditions

It is perfect for monitoring operating conditions in a clean room. Temperature and humidity measurements are necessary when manufacturing precision industrial products such as semiconductors, medicines and some foods. The following benefits are gained by using wireless.

  • No wiring required
  • Easily add equipment
  • Reduce the number of entrance / exit times

Remote monitoring of operation conditions

Energy monitoring

Monitor the integrated values of electric consumption with hourly, weekly, and monthly reports, and compare with historical data. Connect your PLC to your SMART 920 wireless network.

Energy monitoring


See data in areas without power (when using GX70SM)

Temperature and humidity management of clean room

  • The wireless input unit GX70SM has built-in humidity sensor. It can be used in areas with severe restrictions such as the clean rooms. Also, the inputs can be calibrated by the customer.

stable wireless communication

Improve working conditions in a factory

  • Because of its excellent responsiveness to aggressive temperature changes, we are able to control the temperature and humidity inside the factory. We can see environmental and safety conditions and to take measures against heat stroke of personnel.

operations improvement

The SMART 920 lineup of 920 MHz equipped instrumentation can be selected and deployed based on the application and the installation environment

As a master station

As a master unit, the SMART 920 equipped units will collect and record wireless data from products equipped as slave devices.

GX20 paperless recorder GP20 paperless recorder GM10 data acquisition system
Panel Mount Recorder
Portable Data Acquisition
Modular Data Logger


As a mesh network relay

These devices will reliably route wireless data across the mesh network to the master station. These unit will perform as range extenders or as smart routers, directing wireless data to the next relay with the strongest connection.

GM10 data acquisition system UT52A-UT32A digital indicating controller
Modular Data Logger
Temperature Controller / Gateway


As a slave device

These devices collect process data that is wirelessly transmitted to the master station or repeater. Various mounting option are available. Along with simple point measurement, these units can provide a variety of I/O functions that can be monitored and controlled over the wireless network (PID control & ladder control). Remote devices that need to be monitored wirelessly but do not have wireless capabilities can be connected to the SMART 920 network by way of the Modbus gateway.

GX70SM wireless input unit GM10 data acquisition system UT52A/UT32A digital indicating controller
Wireless Input Unit
Modular Data Logger
Temperature Controller / Gateway
Yes, add suffix code /W (for 920 MHz wireless communication) to the GM90PS power supply module.
Approximately 1 km. We recommend confirming this in the site where it will be used.
Yes. Consider the SMART920 series of 920 MHz band wireless communication products.
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