【Support Information】List of Verified Compact Flash Cards (CF Cards)

List of Verified Compact Flash Cards (CF Cards)

The CF cards of the following manufacturers have been verified for use with the Daqstation series and the FX1000. However, please note that Yokogawa does not guarantee normal operation of the CF card when using with products listed below.

Applicable Models: DX1000, DX1000N, DX1000T, DX2000, DX2000T, FX1000

Manufacturer Product Name Capacity Manufacturer Model
SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash Memory Cards 16GB SDCFXS-016G-J61
SanDisk Extreme CompactFlash Memory Cards 32GB SDCFXSB-032G-J61

In rare cases, the CF card is not recognized or generates an error when inserted into the instrument. If this occurrs, try the following.

  • Eject the CF card, then reinsert it.
  • Replace with a CF card that you know to be working normally.
  • Format the CF card on the Daqstation (all data on the card will be deleted).

Please direct inquiries regarding the other manufacturers' verified CF cards above to their manufacturers.
Please note that sales of the above-mentioned CF card may be discontinued from the manufacturer without prior notice.


 *Daqstation and FX1000 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Yokogawa Electric Corporation.
Other company and/or product names are registered trademark of their manufacturers.


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