Single Cell Analysis Solution - Single Cellome



Low invasiveness achieved by nanopipette

Low invasiveness achieved by using glass pipette (nanopipette) with a tip diameter of approx. 100 nanometers.


Surface detection by ion current measurement and automatic penetration

Detection of cell surface by ion current measurement and the process from penetration to retraction automatically performed at a controlled speed with minimal damage to the cell.


Injection and aspiration*1 with electrochemical phenomena

Applied electrochemical phenomena at the tip of nanopipette penetrated to a single cell to perform the injection of target substances into the cell or aspiration of its intracelluar materials.


*1 There are additional requirements for using the aspiration function. Please contact us for details.

Component system for microscopes which automates the penetration of a single cell with a nanopipette and offers features such as injection. Low invasiveness enables injection and observation of live single cells.

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