Conductivity Sensors for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry Hamilton Conducell

Yokogawa's SC450G and FLXA21 have proven to work very well over a wide range of conductivity values with suitable 4-electrode sensors. The Hamilton CONDUCELL 4US sensors for Triclover and INGOLD process connections has often been successfully used where the access port is too narrow for the Inductive Sensors. Now Hamilton has released the CONDUCELL 4USF-PG-120 sensor, which is made of PEEK and fits in a simple PG13,5 process connection. The electrical connection is a VARIOPIN and it is a welcome addition to the program.

These sensors have been designed to measure accurately over an extremely wide conductivity range. They are ideal for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries where it is necessary to monitor product and cleaning chemicals within the same process stream. Because of the sanitary requirements in these industries these sensors are suitable for steam sterilization and CIP cleaning. In addition to that all wetted parts are electro-polished and the materials used are approved by the FDA

  • Range 0 to 1 S/cm
  • Open easy to clean cell geometry
  • Surface roughness
  • Suitable for steam sterilization & CIP
  • Maximum pressure 6 bar G
  • Temperature range -20 to 135ºC
  • Integrated PT1000
  • Wetted parts to FDA DIN 1.4435 SS PEEK & EPDM VP connector in 4USF model

Calibration Standard Solutions

Yokogawa supplies Hamilton conducctivity standars whose stability of ±1% is guaranteed over a life cycle of 1 to 3 years, depending on the value.

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