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  • Over the years that we have been doing business, we have noticed certain common customer concerns, and have arranged them in four categories.

  • Yokogawa is the best co-innovating partner for customers to minimize security risks and maximize corporate values.

  • Operations Management, as it applies to the industrial automation industry, is the process of designing, visualizing, and orchestrating plant production and business systems.

  • Yokogawa provide comprehensive consulting solutions and services to enable facilities to not only understand target they should be meeting, but also identify the current situation combined with the expertise skills and solutions to support them to achieve their goals.


  • Yokogawa's Production Management suite of solutions is designed to bridge the gap between production planning and process control, providing a fully integrated business to production environment. Yokogawa Production Management integrates the vertical production execution workflow across all departmental personnel and applications, enabling real-time decision making and allowing all tasks to be executed quickly, consistently, and efficiently for a more agile production.

  • Margins have shrunk requiring organizations to be streamlined, efficient, and effective. Yokogawa's Inventory Management solution focuses on the elimination of shrinkage and reduction in giveaway.

  • Japan is a world leaders in high quality products and services built on the philosophy of constant and consistent improvement, known as kaizen.

  • Our comprehensive Asset Management solution looks at common challenges from aging assets and loss in maintenance knowedge/capability to reduced maintenance budget and increasing asset complexity to help you achieve the greatest return.

  • Energy Management solutions and services enable the gathering, analyzing, and reporting of energy data as well as regulating and optimizing energy consumption in manufacturing facilities.

  • Process analyzer system integration provides solutions for gas and liquid measurements to support product refinement, process efficiency, and safety.

  • VigilantPlant is Yokogawa's automation concept for safe, reliable and profitable plant operations.

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