Key enablers of Synaptic Business Automation

The key enablers of Synaptic Business Automation: Co-innovate customers ideal businesses with our unique approach of continuous value creation cycle

We have key enablers for co-innovation of our customers business. Our unique approach is a Continuous Value Creation Cycle which consists of four phases as follows:

  • Identify: Defining potential improvement area across the customer's entire business processes and resources.

               Strategic management consulting (External link)

               Automation solution consulting

               Profit imporovement program (External link)

               Co-innovation environment

  • Create & Implement: Deals with design and deployment of optimal solutions at a cusomter's site, based on the potential improvement areas outlined in the "Identify" phase.
  • Operate: This phase deals with wither helping the customer or having Yokogawa perform safe and stable operations.

               Process modelling & simulation (External link)

               Suuply chain and operations optimization

               Profit-driven operation

               Energy management & optimization (External link)

               Modular procedural automation

               Main automation and information contractor

               Agile project execution

  • Sustain & Improve: This is very important phase, wherein Yokogawa maintains the solutions, helping the customer drive continuous improvement and sustained performance excellence.

               Lifecycle services

               Data analytics solutions

               Cyber security management

               Secure cloud services (External link)

               Remote control & management

               Supplier/customer collaboration (External link)

By providing this cycle throughout the customers lifecycle, we hope to establish a reliable, lasting partnership with them. In each phase, we offer unique and diverse solutions and services. Our business scope is not only conventional automation and applications, but also comprehensive solutions from sensors to enterprise, to total plant, and beyond the plant such as cloud and remote solutions.

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