Yokogawa's value proposition

Our most important value proposition is our "Commitment to deliver with complete customer satisfaction". We strive to fulfill our promise to our customers and the following four points represent our uniqueness in achieving this goal.

Yokogawa's most important value proposition, the "commitment to deliver with complete customer satisfaction"

Shared vision with long-term partnership

Yokogawa is always ready and willing to listen to our customers and take pleasure in finding optimal solutions to issues customers are facing. And we pursue a shared vision with long-term view. This is Yokogawa’s corporate culture.

Best-in-class operating performance & robust technology from sensor to enterprise

Yokogawa provides best-in class comprehensive solutions from sensor to enterprise based on industrial domain knowledge and robust technology. Our comprehensive solutions will help customers’ sustainable growth and profitability. And we are keen to realize safe and long-term stable operations.

Secure integration based on solid project management

Yokogawa delivers integrated automation solutions of any size and complexity by a number of experienced project engineers who have successfully delivered control system projects worldwide. After we delivered the world’s first MAC(Main Automation Contractor) project back in 2,000, we have been the leading MAC in the world and keep developing innovative engineering services.

Sustainable support through global reach, local delivery

Yokogawa ensures our customers the continuous and reliable support throughout their business lifecycle and value chain based on our global service network and local delivery. And we have lots of trusted customer service engineers globally. This is one of the reasons why Yokogawa has been able to achieve sustained success over the past century.

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