Solutions for Cell-Based Manufacturing

Yokogawa's in-line sensors and advanced control algorithms will stabilize and improve the efficiency of the cell culture processes for biopharmaceutical production.

Bioprocess Needs

  • Real-time monitoring with in-line sensing
  • Measure and control of glucose concentration with high precision
  • High cell culture reproducibility from batch to batch

YOKOGAWA's Solutions

Achieving automation of mammalian cell culture through real-time monitoring and high-precision advanced control

  • In-line soft sensors: Real-time monitoring of cellular activity
  • Advanced control: Automated process control of critical cell culture variables
  • Powerful custom support: Calibration tools to improve and customize the accuracy of in-line sensors

Performance Benefits

Optimal glucose control for your cell line leads to enhanced stability and efficiency of bioreactor performance including better batch-to-batch reproducibility, higher productivity and improved product quality

  • Integrated Instrumentation: provides basic control of pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen, in-line sensors to monitor cell growth and metabolism, feed control, and data-logging in one complete system
  • Powerful support: Provides calibration modeling tools to improve the accuracy of in-line sensors specifically for your expression system
  • Technical support: Engineering and application support for cell culture provided locally and remotely




Product Overview

The Yokogawa business vision states that the company endeavors to achieve Net-zero emissions, ensure the Well-being of all, and make a transition to a Circular Economy by 2050. 


Our approach is to leverage state-of-the-art technologies for real-time monitoring and predictive control that allow virtual environments where "digital twin" processes can provide distinct advantages.

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