Accelerating the Industry-wide Shift from "Sensing to Sensemaking"

Yokogawa’s Synaptic Business Automation

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In the future, an organization's ability to close the gap between data extraction and value creation, in real time, will set it apart.

Process advancements and complexity, and the need for more optimized process flows, have led to the evolution of a wide variety of sensors and sensing technology solutions. Simultaneously, there has been an increase in information exchange between process nodes to drive greater control over processes. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has enhanced this exchange, with some processes generating and transmitting terabytes of data every day.

Today, enterprises are sitting on large volumes of data, with the ability to analyze and derive value from only a fraction of it. A revolutionary, self-sustaining, and intelligent process framework could address this challenge. But it requires enterprises to shift their mindset from mere sensing to sensemaking, and to leverage plant data more fully to develop smart processes.

Yokogawa's Synaptic Business Automation: A Key to the Future

Solutions that have been developed to collect and comprehend process data have to negotiate with multiple challenges, which exist at both at implementation and operational levels. Not only do they have to manage different data types and formats, originating from multiple process nodes, they also have to ensure a continuous stream of data for analysis and decision making.

Yokogawa's Synaptic Business Automation is a bold initiative to develop intelligent and efficient plant operations through a collaborative and co-innovation effort between Yokogawa and process owners. Synaptic Business Automation focuses on three improvement areas: Robust and resilient operations; optimized production; and business innovation. To achieve these goals, Yokogawa joined hands with KBC Advanced Technologies to combine expertise in operational technology and information technology.

Yokogawa's deep understanding of plant operations combined with KBC’s domain expertise ensures that the partnership is able to develop highly-responsive, and efficient customer experiences.

This whitepaper will take you through a typical digital transformation journey, and will help you identify high potential areas in your processes.

Role of Sensors - The Shift from Sensing to Sensemaking

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Based on its Synaptic Business Automation concept, Yokogawa has continuously extended the ability of sensors. Yokogawa can update the role of sensors to sensemaking by utilizing the capability of OT sensors and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)-based sensors built on business and domain knowledge.

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Accelerating the Industry-wide Shift from "Sensing to Sensemaking"
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