Ultrasonic Level Meter SON60Y Series

Measuring Principle

Short ultrasonic impulses in the range of 35 to 70 kHz are emitted by the transducer to the measured product, reflected by the product surface and received again by the transducer. The pulses are spread with sound velocity. The time from emission to reception of the signals is proportional to the level in the vessel. The proven ECHOFOX signal processing analysis the reflections in the vessel based on long-standing experience and detects the level signal reliably. The adjustment of the sensors is very simple without changing the level.



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We can also provide Level switches : Vibration(SWING, VIB, WAVE) & Capacitance(CAP).
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Level in liquids

Sensors with higher frequencies are used for measurement of liquids.
Independent of product properties they deliver a continuous measuring signal and are ideal for water/waste water applications and the measurement of weak acids and lyes. Sensors with respective approval are available for applications in gas-Ex areas.


Level in bulk solids

Sensors with low frequencies and bigger transducers are used for measurement in bulk solids. Typical applications are level measurement of bulk solids containers, bulk solids silos with average size dimensions and open heaps. Approved sensors are available for applications in dust-Ex areas.



Model / Application Outward Measuring Range Accuracy Process Fitting Process Temperature Process Pressure

Liquids and
bulk solids
in small
son61y Liquids:
0.25 to 5 m
Bulk solids:
0.25 to 2 m
+/- 10 mm
G½, 1½ NPT
-40 to +200
deg C
-2 to +2 bar
(-20 to +200

Liquids and
bulk solids
in small
son62y Liquids:
0.4 to 8 m
Bulk solids:
0.4 to 3.5 m
+/- 10 mm
G2, 2 NPT
-40 to +80
deg C
-0.2 to +2 bar
(-20 to +200

Liquids and
bulk solids
in all
son63y Liquids:
0.6 to 15 m
Bulk solids:
0.6 to 7 m
+/- 10 mm
Compression flange
DN 100,
mounting strap
-40 to +80
deg C
-0.2 to +1 bar
(-20 to +100


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