Data Management Solutions for Green Energy Yokogawa provides complete solutions for green energy with a variety of measurement/control instruments PDF

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Yokogawa provides complete solutions for green energy with a variety of measurement/control instruments

Providing Critical Performance Data Measurement in Green Energy for accurate measurement, recording, and monitoring of development, evaluation, and operation.

Facing serious environmental problems for the whole earth, clean energy using solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, etc... to reduce CO2 emissions is an inevitable matter. Renewable energy providers need economical/reliable/efficient solutions. Yokogawa provides a reliable data acquisition system with high accuracy for measurement and control instruments.

Solar Energy Data Recording and Remote Monitoring

Solar Energy Data Recording and Remote MonitoringOverview

MW100 records solar power parameters such as radiance, ambient temperature and before/after electric conversion power data.

Application keys

  • Solar module data (temperature, DC current/voltage) before electric conversion can be recorded via JUXTA (converter)
  • Power data after electric conversion using power meter record by communication (digital data can be more accurate). Some inverters have direct Modbus output.
  • Panel efficiency calculation from measurements in math channels

Benefits of using MW100

  • On-demand data recording/monitoring
    Data recorded simultaneously to CF and network (OPC).
  • Continuous data recording
    Even after power failure recovery failure, MW100 continues to record data.
  • Sum of power data display
    Displays the integral value for each channel
  • Operates in harsh environment (-20 to 60 C)

Before electric conversion 
(DC power measurement) 
Module data: Current, voltage, temperature

After electric conversion 
(AC power measurement) Power meter data

Environment data 
Radiance, ambient temperature

Wind Energy Data Recording and Monitoring

Wind Energy Data Recording and MonitoringOverview

Power generator parameters and weather environment data at wind-farms can be recorded. Remote access allows users to monitor all data for operational status.

Application keys

  • Strain gauge sensor at slip-ring and communications across rotating interface.
  • Environmental tolerances (vibration and operational temperatures)
  • Reliable data logging with local storage and ability to feed real-time data to SCADA package
  • Event based recording with reporting options


  • Remote monitoring via WAN
  • On site continuous data logging for extended periods
  • Recovery of data logging after power failure
  • Critical diagnostics alarm function
  • E-mail notification by an alarm on math and I/O channels helps users keep track of system for maintenance etc.

Geothermal Electrical Generation Control and Monitoring

Geothermal Electrical Generation Control and MonitoringOverview

Hot rocks and water come together in select areas to produce renewable energy. CX2000s networked to US/UP controllers provide primary control with distributed backup control for steam turbines.

Application keys

  • Fail safe operation of control valves using CX2000 as primary controller with US1000 controllers as backup
  • Distributed Control and Data Acquisition

Benefits of using CX2000 and US1000's

  • Networking capability of CX2000 to US1000 for accurate data transfer
  • Internal logic capabilities of CX2000
  • System Fault to Fail relay for transfer of control to US1000's
  • Data logging capability of CX2000 to CF card
  • Ability of US1000's to accept pass through control output and switch to local control output as backup control strategy

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Monitoring

Hydrogen Fuel Cell MonitoringOverview

Industrial hydrogen fuel cells can be used to produce hydrogen and oxygen from distilled water as well as run in reverse to generate electricity. Fuel cells can also be used in conjunction with intermittent energy sources like solar or wind to provide regulated continuous energy output.

Application keys

  • Scalable voltage and temperature measurement and monitoring (stacked cells)
  • High levels of noise rejection and channel to channel isolation
  • 100ms collection rate for channel data
  • Ability to communicate real-time data via Modbus TCP

Benefits of using MW100

  • Options for communicating with control systems
    Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP, DNP 3
  • Superior noise rejection compared to competitor models
  • High density of isolated inputs per MW100 rack
  • Event based data logging for diagnostic purposes

Energy Monitoring for Manufacturing Lines

Energy Monitoring for Manufacturing LinesOverview

MW100 and PR300 system measures and quantifies the electrical energy consumption for each assembly line

Application keys

  • Scalable from a single node to 100's of locations
  • Cost effective Individual electrical monitoring for many areas
  • Demand monitoring with alarm output for load shedding

Benefits of using MW100/PR300

  • On demand data recording/monitoring with easy access
  • Easy connection with MW100/PR300
  • Available with serial or Ethernet communications
  • Remote monitoring from any PC with internet connection

MW100 Web-Enabled Data Acquisition/Stand-Alone Data Logging System

  • Green Energy ProductsMax. 10 ms measurement interval and mixing of three different measurement intervals
  • Acquire up to 360 channels in one system
  • High-withstand-voltage: 3700 Vrms, 600 Vrms/V DC
  • Standard 10/100 Base T Ethernet with MODBUS TCP, EtherNet/IP, WITS and DNP3
  • Wide range of operation temperatures: -20 to 60°C

DX1000/DX2000 DAQSTATION DXAdvanced

  • Max. 25ms measurement interval and Max. 48 Channels
  • Custom display and multi batch function
  • Dust- and splash-proof front panel (IP65, Nema4 compliant)
  • Standard Ethernet interface. RS485/RS232 interface.
  • Networking functions: Web server, FTP data transfer, and E-mail messaging
  • MODBUS, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS-DP protocol support

CX1000/CX2000 Control/Measurement Station

  • Max. 6 control loops and 20 measurement channels
  • Program control function (Max. 30 program patterns)
  • Support for up to 16 external loop controllers
  • Dust and splash-proof front panel (IP65, Nema4 compliant)
  • Standard Ethernet interface. RS485/RS232 interface.
  • Networking functions: Web server, FTP data transfer, and E-mail messaging

MV1000/MV2000 Portable Paperless Recorder

  • Max. 25ms measurement interval and Max. 48 Channels (MV2000) 24 channels (MV1000)
  • Insulated between channels,1000 VAC withstand voltage.
  • The simplified interface lets you start measuring sooner
  • Standard Ethernet communication with FTP data transfer and e-mail notification
  • MODBUS TCP/RTU protocol support

PR300 Power and Energy Meter

  • Measurement functions for Wh, W, PF, Hz, V, A etc as well as transducer function
  • Three desired measurement items display
  • High accuracy measurement: Voltage, Current: 0.25 % of F.S.
  • Ethernet and RS485 communication
    Demand measurement and demand alarm output

UT52A/55A Digital Indicating Controllers

  • Universal input and Max. 50 ms control cycle
  • Ladder sequence control and fuzzy logic control
  • Active color LCD display
  • Ethernet, RS485 and PROFIBUS DP* communication
    *PROFIBUS DP coming soon

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Button Operated MV1000/MV2000

The MVAdvanced portable battery powered paperless recorders are high performance and easy to use test instruments that handle a wide range of measurements.

Data Acquisition with PID Control CX2000

CX defines the next generation in process control by fusing recording, control and networking into a single, compact product.


PR300 is a panel-mounted meter designed to meet two user needs: a power facility meter and a meter for monitoring energy consumption.



按鈕操作 DX1000/DX2000

Daqstation DX1000 / 2000系列是配備顯示螢幕的資料收集系統。 HMI支援產業應用的客製化圖表,稽核追蹤和安全性符合FDA 21CFR Part 11。

Power Monitors

Real-time power consumption monitoring is the first step to saving energy. Learning real-time power consumption by monitoring your system is the first step in saving energy.


有紙式記錄器將電子或機械訊號記錄於紙張保存。 橫河電機有紙式記錄器提供世界一流的性能和可靠性。


資料收集器可長時間記錄傳感器數據,監控、測試和分析資產設備運行狀況和性能。 橫河電機數資料收集器被業界公認為具有卓越的可靠性,抗干擾,測量精度和操作性。


面板安裝記錄器完全整合資料收集和顯示,具有安全的內建資料儲存和網絡連接。 面板安裝解決方案符合NEMA標準,並將資料收集設備整合到控制面板。


UM33A可以提供多達9個報警輸出和輸入的校正功能(PV偏移、折線近似、折線偏移)。另外,也可選用24 V DC傳感器電源。


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