Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)


  • Explosion-proof certification
    Complete Fieldeye camera unit (FC33E) compiles to TIIS Exd II CT5
  • Compact
    The Fieldeye is an amazing 75% smaller and lighter than the competition's cameras.
  • Lightweight
    The Fieldeye (FC33E) weighs in at only 19kg.
  • Unified
    No additional wiring is needed as the Fieldeye is a self-contained unit complete with pan motor, tilt motor, camera block, power supply and telemetry receiver.
  • Reliable
    The entire Fieldeye unit (cameras, motors, etc...) is constructed entirely by Yokogawa without the use of any third-party components.
  • Corrosion protected
    Housings are made from SUS316L stainless steel and coated with electrolytic polishing.
February 16, 2016 FC33 pan-tilt type CCD color camera and FC34 fixed zoom type color camera were added.


  • Rapid Implementation of Integrated CENTUM CS 3000 and ProSafe-RS.
  • The highly reliable CENTUM CS 3000 system has also helped TOL maintain high productivity at this plant.
  • CACT Offshore platform reduces unplanned downtime by migrating from Legacy PLC System to reliable CENTUM CS 3000.
  • It is possible for CACT engineers to modify the system configuration, download software updates, and hot-swap I/O cards while the process control system is online.
  • Fast implementation of integrated gas pipeline automation system
  • Full integration of the leak detection package with allocation, nomination and billing system
  • Yokogawa's integrated solutions control FGD processes at Romania's largest power plant
  • SO2 and dust emissions are controlled within the EU environmental standards
  • Nearly 1000 FOUNDATION fieldbus devices were connected to the CENTUM CS 3000.
  • PRM provides a single window interface to all FOUNDATION fieldbus and HART devices and this gives maintenance personnel quick access.
  • ABS plant migrates from CENTUM XL to integrated CENTUM CS 3000 solution.
  • CENTUM CS 3000 Integrated Production Control System together with CCTV equipment, a plant information management system (PIMS), the Exaplog Event Analysis Package, and the CS Batch 3000 package.
  • Italian waste to energy plant turns to CENTUM, PRM and FOUNDATION fieldbus solution
  • Nearly 1500 FOUNDATION fieldbus devices are monitored and managed using the PRM
  • The plant was designed to be unmanned, except for some first-line maintenance personnel who are stationed at the plant.
  • Through the use of the latest control system and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus technology supplied by Yokogawa, process control and the diagnostic monitoring of field instrumentation is done from remote locations.

Universal Terminal (S) Pte Ltd, one of the largest independent petroleum products storage terminals in the Asia Pacific, has been built on Singapore's Jurong Island at a cost of S$750 million.

  • Eight LNG trains integrated into a single control system
  • Increased steam production and boiler response with improved production downtime
  • To decrease downtime and maintenance costs, the decision was made to introduce Yokogawa's CENTUM DCS.
  • With well-experienced MAC approach, Yokogawa replaced successfully legacy DCS.

Over the past decade, companies have been using unconventional drilling technology to extract gas and liquid from the readily available shale formations in North America. As the industry gains experience, the production rates continue to rise based on better use of technology to locate resources and to decrease the time from exploration to production.