DTSX™1 Fiber Optic Heat Detector

The DTSX1 addresses the need for maintenance to avoid accidents caused by high-temperature heat, such as equipment failures due to heat and equipment abnormalities. This product focuses on fire detection *1 applications and is also pursuing ease of introduction. Since the fiber optic sensor cable is prepared as a standard product, it is seemingly trivial, but there is no need to worry about unexpected equipment selection.
*1: Fire detection certificate (EN54-22) pending.

DTSX1 Fiber Optic Heat Detector System Configuration Example

DTSX1 Specifications

Refer to the General Specifications for detailed specifications.

Item Specifications
Measurement distance range 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16 km
Number of channels 1, 2, 4
Sampling resolution Measuring temperature at 1-meter intervals
Minimum temperature measurement time 5 sec
Relay output 64 ports,  max. 35 V / 1 A DC
Relay input 4 ports,  12 to 30 V / 5 mA DC
Power supply voltage 10 to 30 V DC
Power consumption 30 W( normally 15 W at an ambient temperature of 23 °C )
External dimensions 500 (W) x 500 (H) x 250 (D) mm  (Note)
Weight 28 kg

Note: External dimensions exclude protrusions (for details, see the external dimensions drawing)
· Fire detection certificate (EN54-22) pending.

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