Partner Products

Yokogawa Partner Products

The Accelabar’s flow nozzle is specifically designed to accelerate, condition, and linearize the velocity profile for Verabar averaging pitot to measure the differential pressure accurately.

Verabar averaging pitot tubes deliver clog-free and precise flow measurements.

Product of Badotherm

Baker Hughes's SVI FF is an Advanced Performance positioner with FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus protocol, for single and double-acting pneumatic control valves. Its universal and modular design with a proven non-contact position sensor fits many applications, offering high performance valve control with real-time NAMUR 107compliant diagnostics.

Product of Bopp & Reuther Messtechnik GmbH

Product of WIKA Instruments Ltd.

Product of WIKA Alexander Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG

Global Partner products

As part of Correge group, Berger is manufacturer of:

  • Thermoelectric sensors : RTD, TC, Skins …
  • Bimetallic and glass thermometers
  • Thermowells
  • Flow elements : orifice plates, restriction orifices, meter runs, Venturi tubes

Manufacturing and testing facilities are located in Waddinxveen, the Netherlands, where they engineer and manufacture thermocouples, RTD`s (Pt100) and thermowells for various markets and industries. 

Sami Instruments® is an Italian manufacturer leader in instrumentation, piping and high pressure valves and accessories, with over 50 years of experience and know how. ​

Diaphragm seal to combine with EJA and EJX series pressure and differential pressure transmitters ​

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