Ammonia producers are faced with rapid growth combined with many older control systems. Growth is driven by global demand for fertilizer and supported by cheap and plentiful shale gas.

Yokogawa is the leading automation supplier to the ammonia and methanol industry. Our reputation for reliability, along with global install base in ammonia with Main Automation Contractor capabilities translate to lowest total life-cycle cost to customers. Yokogawa has unique analytical offerings such as TDLS and a KBR partnership with process licenses in 54% of North American install base and will use Yokogawa automation technology as part of the process license.


In 2011, Pandora Methanol acquired petrochemical production facilities in Beaumont, Texas that had been mothballed since 2004. These two plants, a 13-year old ammonia plant and a 50-year old methanol plant, had received only marginal maintenance during this extended shutdown and had suffered direct hits from two major hurricanes.

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