What does SA stand for?

SA stands for Sencom Adapter (Model SA11). This is one piece of a new product platform. The SENCOM 4.0 series has been released to replace the original SENCOM generation of products from Yokogawa. The new SENCOM 4.0 SA11 Smart Adapter uses a similar digital process to measure the process values, store data, perform calibrations, and report data to a host system. One obvious difference is that the SA11 Smart Adapter is a seperate device, not permanently attached to the sensor like the original SENCOM sensors. The SA11 is part of our SENCOM 4.0 platform, consisting of a FLXA402 transmitter, a Sensor with a Variopin connector and ID Chip (i.e., FU20-VS or FU24-VS), and Cables.

Related Products & Solutions

Digital SMART SENCOM™ Adapter, SA11

Reusable SMART adapter, requiring only the analog sensor to be disposed of when it reaches the end of its lifetime. With the SENCOM 4.0 platform, Yokogawa delivers reduced costs and waste while contributing to its long-term business goals of a sustainable future for all.

Liquid Analyzers

Liquid analyzers are used for monitoring process chemistry including water quality, providing process optimization and control.

Process Analyzers

Process analyzers are used to determine the chemical composition or physical properties of substances involved in industrial processes.

SENCOM™ SMART Digital Sensors

Digital or SMART sensors maintain specific measurement and calibration data on an integrated chip along that is an integral part of the sensor. This data can be exchanged between the sensor and either a process transmitter or a laboratory PC using a data management software, like the SPS24.