Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2019

Dates: Feb 2-6, 2019
Location: Washington DC
Venue: Walter E. Washington | Booth 214

In the Life Science field, Yokogawa has created cutting-edge research equipment for over two decades, including the CSU confocal scanner unit for live cell imaging and the CellPathfinder analysis software system that works with data from Yokogawa HCA Systems, CellVoyager and CQ1 to analyze images, without staining. CellPathfinder provides broad and reliable tools for HCA data analysis and presentation.

CellPathfinder features:

  • Intuitive and easy of use
  • Capable gating function to classify interesting cell groups intuitively
  • Capable of linking analysis results and recognized images in single cell level for consideration of current results with further accurate gating analysis

Please stop by Booth 214 to see how the Yokogawa CellPathfinder can integrate or upgrade your lab technology.

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Related Products & Solutions

Benchtop System

The CQ1 provides the highest quality confocal images and extended live cell imaging in a space-saving benchtop design. 

High Speed

The CSU-X1 is widely recognized as the leading tool for live cell imaging with 2,000 fps capability.

High-Throughput Screening

CellVoyager CV8000 is the most advanced high-content screening system. The improved built-in incubator lets you analyze extended live cell responses. With its expandability, four cameras, five lasers and an optional built-in pipettor, the system permits increasingly complex assay development and high-content screening.

Life Science

Yokogawa’s high content analysis systems and dual spinning disk confocal technologies provide high-speed and high-resolution live cell imaging, enabling leading-edge research around the world.

Wide Field of View

The CSU-W1 is our answer to researchers’ requests for “Wider FOV” and “Clearer Images”.