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Press Releases

September 18, 2005

Yokogawa Enhances its Digital Oscilloscope Software with Xviewer version 1.10

Newnan, Georgia - Yokogawa has released Xviewer software version 1.10. Enhancements added in this major Xviewer upgrade include:

  • Support for the DL9000 SignalXplorer (Yokogawa's new 1.0/1.5 GHz oscilloscope series) and the DL750P (the new wide-paper version of the popular DL750 ScopeCorder)
  • Support for direct downloading of data from the acquisition memory of the DL750 ScopeCorder series and DL1600 SignalExplorer series
  • Improved FFT performance including: specifying the FFT start point, graphic indication of the FFT measurement range within the time-domain waveform data and selection of log or linear scales for the horizontal and vertical axes of the FFT display
  • Xviewer file association (enables simple double-clicking to open Xviewer files)
  • Other improvements include: enhanced waveform annotation and H&V cursors

Yokogawa's standard Xviewer software allows viewing and analysis of waveform data on a PC. Also, users can control and remotely view the screen of any of Yokogawa's current generation of digital oscilloscopes via Ethernet, GPIB or USB. Additionally, Xviewer can be used to download captured waveform data directly to a PC.

The math version of Xviewer software adds additional capabilities to the ones described above. In the math version, up to 10 custom math waveforms can be computed using captured waveform data and a number of functions. Functions include: basic arithmetic, trigonometric functions, FFT calculations using up to 2 million points, digital waveform filtering (low pass, band pass and high pass), pulse width calculations and many more.

Please contact Yokogawa for additional details.

About Yokogawa Corporation of America

Yokogawa Corporation of America is the North American unit of $4 billion Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture and supply of instrumentation, process control, and automation solutions. Headquartered in Newnan, Georgia, Yokogawa Corporation of America serves a diverse customer base with market-leading products including analyzers, flowmeters, transmitters, controllers, recorders, data acquisition products, meters, instruments, distributed control systems, and more.

For more information about Yokogawa Corporation of America, visit, call 770-254-0400, or toll-free at 800-258-2552.