Systems Warranty

Standard Warranty

Yokogawa Standard Warranty is eighteen (18) months from shipment to customer site or twelve (12) months from start-up, whichever comes first. A warranty letter will be issued by Yokogawa to the customer indicating the details of the warranty and the start/stop date.

Extended Warranty

  • The term of the extended warranty is for two (2) years only, immediately after the Yokogawa Standard Warranty expiration. 
  • Extended warranty coverage is for Yokogawa manufactured and Yokogawa branded systems components. 
  • Extended Warranty is defined as 'return to factory only' 
  • Warranty Service does not include expedited or loaner parts, it includes repair and return only 
  • Warranty Service is available Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time 

For warranty service please call 800-524-7378

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