UP150 Temperature Controller (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Dec 29, 2017. See this replacement product:

Compact 1/16 DIN sized Program Temperature Controller offers one program pattern with 16 segments. It also features universal input, two event outputs, auto-tuning and "SUPER" overshoot suppress function as standard. Retransmission output and RS485 communication are optional features.

The UP150 Program Temperature Controller (1/16 DIN size) is a compact, easy programming ramp-soak control and operation instrument. The UP150 has capability of one program pattern consisting of 16 segments, an auto tune and the "SUPER" overshoot suppress function as standard function. The two event outputs are provided as standard, and the external contact input, retransmission output and communication function are available as optional features.

  • Small, space-saving 1/16 DIN package, 48 (W) x 48 (H) x 100 (D) (mm)
  • Large 4-digit LED display
  • IP65 splash-proof and dust-proof designed front panel
  • Universal input for Thermocouple, RTD and DC mV/V signals
  • Capability of one program pattern consisting of 16 segments
  • Standard two event outputs
  • Optional retransmission output of measured value (PV)
  • Optional external contact input
  • Standard universal power supply (100 V to 240 V AC) and optional 24 V AC/DC power supply
  • Optional RS485 communication function, MODBUS, PC-Link & Ladder protocols are supported
  • RoHS Compliant

【Support Information】List of RoHS

This is a list of recorder and controller products that support the RoHS (2011/65/EU) directive.

【Support Information】New Legislative Framework (NLF) Conforming Products

This is a list of recorder and controller products that support the New Legislative Framework (NLF.)

Application Note

The making of ceramics is one of the oldest forms of heat-treating known to man. Clay, silica or some type of high purity alumina is shaped, dried, milled and then baked at extremely high temperatures. This high baking process changes the clay material to stone or glass. Depending on the properties that are desired from the end product will determine the material used and the method of firing the work.


The UT series of temperature controllers is perfect for controlling the heating temperature of sealing parts and the temperature of sealing rolls (pre-heating) in a variety of different wrapping machinery.

Use the Advance function.  After you start the program, hold down the SET/ENT key for a few seconds. Hold will appear on the display. Release the Set Enter and then press it again 1 time. You will see ADV (the V looks like an upside down A). Pre...

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