Data Acquisition Software

What is data logging software's purpose? Acquire, report, and analyze data from Yokogawa data acquisition and controller products with a range of easy-to-use and cost-effective software tools.

  • Data Logging Software GA10

    The latest software that enables you to build a DAQ system without programming. Designed for maximum compatibility with Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, and power monitors, GA10 can also acquire data via Modbus communications.

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  • Temperature Uniformity Survey

    Yokogawa TUS software allows users to quickly and easily generate Temperature Uniformity Survey reports using data files from DXAdvanced DX series, FX series and SMARTDAC+ GX/GP series electronic data acquisition system. The software meets the requirements of AMS 2750F.

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  • DAQManager

    Easily handle daily tasks with powerful data management functions. This must-have software maximally leverages the advantages of paperless systems.

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    DAQWORX is the previous generation data logging software compatible with most Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, and measuring instruments. 

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What is Data Acquisition Software?

Data acquisition software facilitates the storage, analysis, and display of digitized data.

Industrial Applications of Data Acquisition Software

  • Industrial
  • Lab
  • Food and beverage

Benefits of Data Acquisition Software

Optimize DAQ systems without programming, maximize compatibility and communications, generate reports quickly and easily, and manage data to handle tasks with Yokogawa power data logger software and production logging software. Paperless Yokogawa digital chart recorders are available.



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No cost; DAQSTANDARD is a free download. Go to Enter “daqstandard” as keyword in Software Search. Select software as search Type, click search. This takes you to the download page. Use license 116-00000-8807 to...




Yokogawa's Network Solutions Group is pleased to present a tutorial on using DAQLogger with the AddMulti add-on. AddMulti allows for recording of independent data files for points configured in the DAQLogger system. Individual batches of data can be configured and recording can be stoped and started for each batch. DAQLogger and AddMulti are individual components of the DAQWorx software suite. AddMulti requires DAQLogger in order to operate.

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