Information Solutions

Plant to Business Solution

Yokogawa provides highly adaptable solutions based on a wealth of experience acquired through long years of support for manufacturing customers. Reliable systems can be introduced in a short period of time using industry-specific solutions for the oil, chemical, paper and pulp, iron and steel, non-ferrous and ceramic, power and gas, food, electric, electronics, and automobile industries.

Plant to Business Solution

Yokogawa's concept of "Plant to Business Solution" for solutions through direct collaboration between field and management refers to information technology (IT) solutions, which solve problems through close collaboration between the field and management, which can be accomplished by management using the current conditions in the field for their decision making to maximize management efficiency and corporate value.

Yokogawa's professional engineers get involved in customers' projects from the planning phase to help them to identify their problems and achieve their targets and provide support throughout the whole system life cycle from consulting, solution development, operation, through to maintenance.

Plant to Business Solution


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