Safe Operations

Yokogawa provides comprehensive consulting solutions and services. Our safe control of operations solutions enable facilities to not only understand the targets they should be meeting, but also identify the current situation combined with the expertise, skills, and solutions to support them to achieve their goals.

What is Safe Control of Operations/Safety Monitoring?

SFM is an integrated, plant-wide solution for Safety Monitoring that provides an analysis and reporting tool to help users monitor the performance effectiveness of defined SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) against their design targets.

  • Alarm Management System

    One of the widespread issues currently in manufacturing plants is alarm overload. This is partially as a result of formerly independent systems that are integrated for more effective operation by fewer operators, each operator then has to monitor an increasingly wider area and consequently deal with more alarms. Without rigorous alarm rationalization efforts, alarm flooding becomes a serious problem and increases the risk of safety and environmental incidents.

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  • Modular Procedural Automation

    Yokogawa solutions developed to address issues covered in the emerging standard for the design and implementation of procedures for automating continuous process operations.

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  • Plant Information Management System

    Based on open standards, Yokogawa's data historian and PIMS solution captures data easily and creates a valuable bedrock. Our solution is especially unique in that engineering costs in implementation are significantly reduced when compared to the alternatives.

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  • Advanced Process Control

    • Better integration with Advanced Process Control (APC) and DCS
    • More profitable operations
    • Regulatory control stabilization important as a baseline for control hierarchy
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  • Operator Training Simulator

    • Improve your operators' skills
    • Operator training that utilizes simulators
    • Virtual plants built within the system
    • Process operator training simulator
    • Chemical plant operator training
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Industrial Applications of Safe Control of Operations/Safety Monitoring:

  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Refinery
  • Electric Power
  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Burner Management
  • Fire and Gas
  • More

Benefits of Safe Control of Operations/Safety Monitoring:

Unique solutions for SIS streamlining, automation, and safety monitoring that reduce engineering costs and improve regulatory control. Solutions include alarm management for safety and environmental alarm systems, plus modular procedural automation involving alarm system design software.



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