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  • Announcement of Launch of PT900 Series Next-Generation Autopilot Equipped with Color LCD Display

Announcement of Launch of PT900 Series Next-Generation Autopilot Equipped with Color LCD Display

January 28, 2015



 Yokogawa Denshikiki Co., Ltd. (Address: Minami Shinjuku Hoshino Bldg., 5-23-13 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takashi Fujii, Capital: ¥300 million), a subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, announces that it will commence sales of its new next-generation PT900 series autopilot (Heading Control System (HCS)) as of February 1, 2015.

 HCS is fitted to all vessels of gross tonnage in excess of 10,000 tons, as well as to many vessels of lower tonnages, and is currently an indispensible necessity for navigation in terms of reducing crew workloads.

 Moreover, HCS is becoming increasingly important in recent years, with the development—amongst other advances—of new functionality that optimizes rudder control to achieve the benefit of reduced fuel consumption, as well as the Track Control System (TCS), which automatically steers a vessel along a pre-plotted track to its destination via a connection with ECDIS (Electric Chart Display and Information System).

*Features of the new PT900 series:

aa.7-inch Color LCD Display

  • Maneuvering and configuration data are displayed on one screen, significantly improving visibility.
  • Adoption of a touch-panel display enables easy and intuitive operation.

bb. Significantly improved energy-efficiency

  • Built in fuel-saving BNAAC heading control and E-COurse Pilot course control functionality.
    (BNAAC is fitted as standard to PT900A. E-COurse Pilot is optional for all PT900 series models.)

cc. Makes high-speed control and easy system extensibility a reality

  • Adoption of a high-speed CPU and inter-device network interface.

dd.Conforms to technical standards of the shipping classifications of each country, and is easily adaptable

  to a wide variety of specifications

    (Type Approval pending).

ee.Comprehensive lineup

  • As with the existing PT500 series, a basic model (PT900D) with PID controller is available, as well as an adaptive controller model (PT900A) which offers added energy-saving benefits.

The sales target for FY2015 is 300 units, with sales of 800 units expected from FY2017 onwards.