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Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation




Product Tutorials

Digtal Oscilloscopes (DL Series)

DL Home
The below PDF documents intend to provide useful and practical information about digital storage oscilloscopes to help you solve measurement tasks.
Part 1: Important questions and answers
  1. How does the sample rate of a Digital Oscilloscope affect the bandwidth?
  2. Is a long Memory really important?
  3. What is the display really showing?
  4. How important is a fast display?
  5. What is ETS and why don't all DSOs feature it?
  6. A resolution of 12 bits with an 8 bit converter. How is it possible?
  7. How important is the internal architecture of your DSO?
  8. What modes of operation are usually available to a DSO user?
  9. How can the results obtained by a modem DSO be exported?
Part 2: Applications
 How do state-of-the-art DSOs solve complex measurement tasks.
  1. Power measurement using a DSO
  2. Detection of power failures and spikes
  3. Measurement of mains interruptions
  4. Graphical monitoring of the shape of waveforms
  5. Long term Real-Time print function
  6. FFT analysis
  7. Fault finding with the history function
  8. Acquiring digital signals

Power Meters (for WT Series)

WT Home
Yokogawa hopes that its Power meters contribute to a world with cleaner and more efficient energy use. The below tutorial intends to help with power measurement.
Part 1: Calibration
  1. Traceability of wide-bandwidth power meter
  2. Calibration method for the working standard
  3. Calibration at PF=0, Capacitor method
  4. Calibration at PF=1
Part 2: Measurement
  1. Energy saving
  2. Theory of electric power
  3. Measurement of mains interruptions
  4. Power and energy measurement applications
  5. Power measurement for energy saving equipment
Part 3: Background
  1. What is power?
  2. Average power and RMS
  3. Crest factor
  4. Common mode and its influency
  5. Power factor and its influency
  6. Harmonic Analysis
  7. History and different types of power meters

Release of AQ6150B

AQ6150B Series Optical Wavelength Meter

Release of DLM3000

DLM3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

Release of WT5000

WT5000 Precision Power Analyzers

Release of MY600

MY600 Digital Insulation Tester

Release of AQ6360

AQ6360 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Release of LS3300

LS3300 AC Power Calibrator

Release of DL350

DL350 Scopecorder

Release of AQ6374

Optical Spectrum Analyzer AQ6374

Release of WT1800E

WT1800E Precision Power Analyzer

Release of DM7560

DM7560 Digital Multimeter