Lab Information Management System (LIMS)

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Allowing you to establish standardized and optimized laboratory operations, LIMS supports your analytical and quality management processes to the fullest extent.

Customer Challenge

Meeting the Needs of Our customers' Ever Increasing Demands in Quality

As the market demands higher quality each and every year, it is the task of the vendor to provide a service or product to enable significantly improvement in their customers quality monitoring processes, such as:

  • Time required to check dilution and blank calculations, as well as reported values
  • Errors in raw data transcription and review
  • Limited space for storing hard-copy (printed) test records
  • Time and effort required to trace/analyze the historical data/records as paper documents
  • Manufacturing and shipping departments must check test progress
  • Current system does not comply with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation and ER/ES guidelines
  • Time required to respond to customers' requests with quality data and analysis
  • Centralized data management, including managing requests to external analytic laboratories
customers quality monitoring processes
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Our Solutions


Lab-Aid is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) package which supports the standardization of quality management operations - reducing costs and improving service capabilities to your customers.

Our Lab-Aid solution supports the quality management and testing departments in manufacturing and service oriented companies, with successful implementation in several sectors such as water treatment, environmental, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, oil, chemical, and many more.

As customer quality requirements increase, and manufacturers continue to globalize their operations, the scope of quality management is becoming more complicated, extending beyond the boundaries of the standard supply chain. Company-wide quality management systems are becoming a standard requirement to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

Lab-Aid provides inspection process workflows from the test plan/request and the issuance of test results, through to delivery approval, and improves operational efficiency, and quality of test data, through automated data collection, automated calculation, automated specification judgment, and automated form creation.

Reduced paperwork, errors, workload, lead time, cost - Enhancing the reliability of laboratory information and creating seemless work with other departments.

Customer Benefits

Benefits in Management

  • Operation Cost Reduction and Processing Speed Improvement: Operational standardization through workflows, thus improving the management level and data accuracy of test operations, leading to high-level quality assurance, (e.g. audit trail recording). Standardization reduces the operational cycle and simplifies progress management
  • Traceability: Ability to trace information back to raw data (e.g. reported values and/or information requests) and respond quickly to customers inquiries and internal users
  • Regulatory Compliance: Lab-Aid ensures compliance with regulations such as Positive List Scheme, RoHS, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), HACCP, and ISO
  • Security for Inspection Data: A provided function to automatically update data history and security functions, such as IDs and passwords to prevent data manipulation and facilitate inspections appropriately
  • Customization Cost Reduction: Lab-Aid allows you to easily change the screen and form formats easily (i.e. there is no need to place an order to change the format of a report)

Benefits in Operations

  • Operational Standardization: Operational standardization is promoted by clearly defining functions for various inspection items and complex test procedures (automated data collection, automated calculation, automated limit check, and automated reporting). This improves the operation cycle by reducing labor time and increasing speed, while improving operation accuracy
  • Improvement of Quality Data Reliability by Removing Human Errors: Lab-Aid provides functions such as automated analysis data collection, automated calculation, and automated limit check - eliminating the need for manual input, double checking of input data, and limit checking - thus removing human errors and improving reliability in data-quality
  • Real-time Monitoring of Test Progress: The test progress and test results on the screen can be checked by anyone, in real-time. This enables the sharing of test progress information with multiple departments (not limited to manufacturing and shipping), thus speeding up decision-making and problem identification
Customer Benefits(LIMS)


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