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One of the widespread issues currently in manufacturing plants is alarm overload. This is partially as a result of formerly independent systems that are integrated for more effective operation by fewer operators, each operator then has to monitor an increasingly wider area and consequently deal with more alarms. Without rigorous alarm rationalization efforts, alarm flooding becomes a serious problem and increases the risk of safety and environmental incidents.

There are a number of alarm management standards and guidelines such as ISA-18.2-2009, IEC 62682 and EEMUA 191 that help customers rationalize their alarm systems, but practical tools that can be implemented are still in short supply. Yokogawa proposes a smart approach to alarm management that helps customers achieve safe and agile plant operations based on the concept of combining practical bottom-up solutions with fundamental top-down improvements.

Customer Challenge

Plant operators are often faced with a high number of alarms and abnormal situations. They are therefore unable to respond quickly enough to prevent safety related incidents, environmental issues, shutdowns and equipment damage. In addition a poorly applied alarm management philosophy may result in excessive alarms that can cause operators to routinely ignore these alarms due to the information overload.

Plant operators
Derived from DeISA 18.2

Our Solutions

Exaquantum Alarm Management Suite

Yokogawa’s Alarm Management Suite offers an integrated web-based environment to support the customer in the following key areas of the alarm management process; Monitoring and Assessment, Management of Change and Rationalization.

Specific modules of the Alarm Management Suite include

Exaquantum AMD - Alarm Master Database solution

  • Assists managers and supervisors in monitoring, assessing and auditing the behaviour of alarm setpoints as part of an alarm documentation and rationalization program such as ISA-18.2-2009

Exaquantum ARA - Alarm Reporting and Analysis

  • Provide statistical reports based on ISA-18.2-2009, IEC 62682 and EEMUA 191. These reports aid supervisors and managers in identifying which alarms and events are occurring most frequently and where the alarm management policy can be improved

Exaquantum SER - Sequence of Events Recorder and Trip Analysis

  • Provides Root Cause Analysis to aid in identifying and eliminating future trip recurrences

Yokogawa urges customers facing alarm flooding situations in their plants to introduce CAMS for HIS. It also benefits those who are looking for alarm management capabilities that go beyond the current generation of DCS alarm systems. Customers planning to consolidate their control rooms and design their alarm system to be in compliance with the ISA 18.2 standard will benefit from this product's practical and immediate solutions.

Customer Benefits

Overall reduction in: alarms, workload, operator uncertainty, operator errors, operator response time, and cost

Supports a structured approach to Alarm Management through

  • Integrated Management of Change and Rationalization process
  • Tighter control of approval workflows
  • Enterprise deployment and access

Enhances Operator Response through

  • Identifying nuisance alarms        
  • Sequence of events aids decision making

Provides a mechanism for Change Control

  • No more unaudited setpoint changes
  • Suppressed and disabled alarms are reported
  • Automated notification to relevant stakeholders

Integrated solution

  • Yokogawa Centum and ProSafe
  • CAMS for HIS    
  • Emerson DeltaV
  • Honeywell Experion
  • Coming soon; Citect, GE and ABB
Customer Benefits of Alarm Management System



Service Description Yokogawa Deliverables
Alarm & Event Analysis ✓ Report of current state of Alarm
✓ Statistics of Alarm & Events
✓ Statistics of manual interventions
✓ Top 5 Bad actors for Alarms
Alarm Philosophy ✓ Alarm Philosophy document compliant with ISA 18.2 standards
Fundamental Nuisance Alarm Reduction ✓ Report of the Nuisance alarms in the plant
✓ Root cause for the Nuisance alarms
✓ Countermeasures to prevent alarming for the Nuisance alarms
✓ Report containing the before and after improvements from this service
ISA 18.2/EEMUA#191 based Alarm System Design
(Consultation & Training)
✓ Report of the current Alarm state and the gaps in design compared to standards
✓ Support in the design of the new Alarm system as per standards
✓ Training on conducting Documentation & Rationalization exercise
ISA 18.2/EEMUA#191 based Alarm System Design
(Software & Training)
✓ Installation, commissioning and training of Exaquantum\AMD to establish Alarm Master design database
Operation State based Alarm Management
(Consultation & Training)
✓ Report of the current state of Alarm set points for various operation conditions in the plant
✓ Design of the new Dynamic Alarm Management
Operation State based Alarm Management
(Software & Training)
✓ Installation, Commissioning and training of AAASuite/Exapilot for Dynamic Alarm Management
Alarm Monitoring & Improvisation
✓ Report of current state of Alarm
✓ Statistics of Alarm & Events
✓ Statistics of Manual Interventions
✓ Areas of improvisation based on current state of Alarms
Alarm Monitoring & Improvisation
(Software & Training)
✓ Installation, Commissioning and training of Exaquantum\ARA for Alarm monitoring and reporting

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