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On-Demand: Lectures from CQ1 UGM Europe 2023

Recently, our virtual CQ1 User Group Meeting took place.

Register for free and after registration, you will be able to watch the following lectures:

1.Cell Biology of Virus Infections (Prof Dr. Yohei Yamauchi, ETH Zurich)

2.The new Insights into tumor-stroma Interactions in Brain Metastasis by confocal Microscopy and 3D Reconstruction (Dr. Lisa Sevenich, Georg-Speyer-Haus - Institute for tumor biology and experimental therapy)

3.High-resolution multiplex immunofluorescence confocal Imaging in Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery (Stefan Florian, MD PhD, Charité Berlin)

4.Quantifying beta-cell Proliferation in pancreatic Islets by 3D Colocalization Analysis of confocal Images (Özlem Yavas, PhD, InSphero AG)

5.In-Vitro Drug Discovery Models NerveSim® and BrainSim® (Lise Harbom, PhD, AxoSim)

6.HCA3 and GPR84 – Two metabolite-sensing GPCRs with opposing Functions in innate Immune Cells (PD Dr. Claudia Stäubert, University Leipzig)

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