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Yokogawa's Biotech will contribute sustainability to develop new business in Bioeconomy. 
In 2018, Yokogawa established Life Innovation Business Headquarter to promote sustainability business. 
Innovation Center as R&D department will continue to enhance current business and find our new innovative technologies.


Through the use of measurement, control, information technology and life science, radically improve productivity across the entire value chain, from basic research to logistics and services.

The Innovation Center is an R&D department in Yokogawa mainly responsible for innovation activities that target an uncertain, unpredictable future for which new business opportunities are sought.

Through the new biomass materials business, Yokogawa Bio Frontier will contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the development of a cyclical economy. 

On our Life Innovation Blog, dedicated experts write about trends, current initiatives and Yokogawa news within the Life Science and Biotech industry. Partnerships and Use Cases with researchers are highlighted. Explore Yokogawa Life Innovation!

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