Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation


Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Hiromasa Yatsuhashi

Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation was established in April 2013 to provide customers in Japan with comprehensive problem-solving solution services ranging from on-site production control to management information systems.

Yokogawa has contributed to the creation of a society where people can naturally live a comfortable life by supporting the safe, secure, and stable manufacturing of customers from various sectors and business categories, utilizing expertise and technical strength accumulated through business activities spanning more than 100 years under the themes of measurement, control, and information.

We are now in a time of significant industrial transformation including the realization of a sustainable society, changes in international frameworks such as carbon neutral, the acceleration of the digital transformation due to technology innovation including AI and IoT, and new work-style reforms.

We are committed to striving to co-create new value with customers through cutting-edge technologies and the spirit of a “hands-on approach” inherited since the company’s establishment, while maintaining customer trust and meeting expectations, facing various issues and accurately anticipating changes, and taking the next step forward with the aim of becoming a solution service company that continues to innovate.

We appreciate your continued help and encouragement.

Hiromasa Yatsuhashi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hiromasa Yatsuhashi