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As a measurement, control, and information system and device company, Yokogawa has been involved with manufacturing products that provide solutions for manufacturing sites all over the world. Yokogawa Solution Service Corporation was established by integrating Yokogawa’s control system engineering, information system engineering, and maintenance service operations. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience cultivated over many years, we are committed to providing consultation services to continue to help customers conduct their corporate activities, such as solving problems, improving quality, and increasing efficiency. With our unprecedented evidence-based consultation services using Yokogawa’s unique operating data analysis techniques, we will help customers improve their management efficiency.

 YOKOGAWA's Consulting Features

  • Consultation Focusing on Customer’s Operation
  • Consultation by a Professional Team
  • Utilizing Big Data


Covering the Entire Range from Management through to the Manufacturing Floor to Help Optimize Manufacturing Practices

We have been contributing to the development of manufacturing practices using the knowledge we have learned through solving problems as a manufacturer and the experience we have gained while working with our customers at manufacturing sites. Our consultation services cover the entire range of corporate activities from management through to equipment on the manufacturing floor; for example, the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems; the creation of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that can be tailored to the special needs of each industry; the management of operations in various industries and businesses; and the control and field networks. In particular, MESs link management and manufacturing in such a way that they have a great impact on management quality and efficiency. An MES that integrates management and manufacturing information can instantly deliver management decisions to the manufacturing floor and obtain real-time feedback of manufacturing floor statuses, such as those of inventory, manufacturing progress, and shipment.

We are a solutions and service company that makes proposals and implements projects to solve problems for the entire range of corporate activities using our expertise and experience gained through working with customers at manufacturing sites.

Covering the Entire Range from Management through to the Manufacturing Floor to Help Optimize Manufacturing Practices


Knowledge to Implement and Ability to Complete

We Offer One-Stop Solutions.

Knowledge to Implement and Ability to Complete

Consultation Examples

  • Support for the introduction of mission-critical systems such as internal control and ERP systems
  • Support for the introduction of a CRM system
  • Creation of MES systems tailored to the needs of industries in compliance with standards and certifications
  • Support for global operations, including global accounting, HR, R&D, manufacturing, and logistics
  • Operational analysis and improvement consultation, data analysis using comparative effectiveness research (CER), etc.
  • Safety operation support, disaster control, cyber security, and support to obtain ※1CSMS certification
  • Total energy management including energy saving
  • Asset management, asset value maximization, maintenance optimization
  • Cost and indirect material cost reduction
  • Establishment of an R&D test bench
  • Manufacturing control optimization, advanced control, advanced operation support, and simulation technology application

※1 Cyber Security Management System: Security management system for control system operation

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