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Yokogawa Electric Corporation





Electrical & Electronics

Application Examples

Title Products
Electrolyzer Solution: Instruments and Solution for Ion-Membrane Electrolyzer Plant ApplicationPDF Data acquisition unit
DXAdvanced Multi-batch Function Paperless recorder (DX1000, DX2000)
Application Example of the Custom Display Paperless recorder (DX1000, DX2000)
Evaluation and Testing of Industrial Packaged Air Conditioners Data acquisition unit (MX100)
Digital indicating controller (UT55A)
Data acquisition software suite (DAQWORX)
Display and Recording of Test Data from Thermostatic Chambers Industrial recorder (µR10000, µR20000)
Power Consumption Checks on the Product Test Line Power monitor (PR300)
Clean Room Monitoring Systems with the Features of DXAdvanced Paperless recorder (DX2000)
Mulit-point Remote Monitoring in a Plant Using the External Connection Function Paperless recorder (DX2000)
Data acquisition unit (MW100)
Monitoring High Voltage Generating Devices Such as Internal Combustion Engines during Development and Manufacturing Arrester (AR series)
Compressor Antisurge Control Single-loop controller (YS1000)
Remote Monitoring of Waste Water Treatment Equipment Control and measurement station (CX1000)