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The Partner Portal is a members-only site for people such as those who are considering purchasing Yokogawa products, current users, and users requesting service and support. It offers needed information for product lifecycles.

If you are not yet a member, be sure to register soon to gain access to the following services.

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You can download various kinds of documents such as catalogs, specifications, user's manuals, drawings, certificates, and declarations. After locating a document with a document search, you can register it in My Documents for convenient document storage.

Serial Number Search

You can search for product information and related documents (specifications, drawings, certificates, etc.) by serial number. After locating a product with a serial number search, you can register it in My Products to manage your products.

Information for Maintenance Contract Holders Only

Customers using the service that provides information based on product maintenance contracts can view information on software revisions and maintainability improvements for their contract-covered products.


For customers who request it, we can deliver the latest product and service-related information and installation examples in addition to the information about how to utilize Partner Portal.


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