Co-Innovating Tomorrow

Through "Process Co-Innovation," Yokogawa creates new value with our clients for a brighter future.

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Co-Innovating Tomorrow

“Synaptic Business Automation”
Co-innovation for your business processes.

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Co-Innovating Tomorrow

To introduce wireless technology of industrial automation, Yokogawa contributes plant safety.


Success Stories

Veolia Energy Hungary Co. Ltd., Szakoly municipality, Hungary

Yokogawa CENTUM VP Provides Fully Synchronized Control Environment for VEOLIA Biomass Power Plant in Hungary

Rousselot, Ghent, Belgium

Rousselot was awarded the Factory of the Future through the Long-term Co-Innovation with Yokogawa

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Industrial IoT

Yokogawa offers IIoT solutions that address challenges by “synaptically” connecting a plant’s operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) infrastructure.

The FluidCom™

The FluidCom™ chemical injection solution provides optimal performance with an innovative and cost saving technology.

KBC Advanced Technologies

KBC identifies, implements and sustains operational excellence for our customers.

Fiber Optic Sensor DTSX

Optical fiber sensing instruments measure the temperature distribution along a long-distance fiber-optic cable, with high accuracy and spatial resolution.


New Simulation Software Virtual-M3 is just Released. Now the hardware is no longer necessary for running PLC program on PC.