Co-Innovating Tomorrow

Digital Transformation accelerated by co-innovation

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Co-Innovating Tomorrow

OpreX Control and Safety System: CENTUM VP R6.06
Contribute to plant lifecycle stability: RT-virtualization, online controller upgrade capability

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Co-Innovating Tomorrow

OpreX Profit-driven Operation
To enable integrated plant performance management

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Co-Innovating Tomorrow

New comprehensive IA business brand for Yokogawa’s technology and solutions

OpreX unveiled 
Co-Innovating Tomorrow

Co-innovate and optimize business processes throughout supply chain and asset lifecycle

Operational Excellence Transformation 

Enhanced Flow Meters Now Available

Two new magnetic flow meters from the ADMAG series have been enhanced with Total Insight and Modbus support.

New Tech for pH Analyzers

Maintenance-intense pH systems can be a headache; the new SENCOM™ SMART Sensor System provides greater insight and enhanced capabilities to deliver more credible data.


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