Electronic Logbook (eLogBook)

eLogBook Electronic Log Book

eLogBook is an advanced computer-based replacement for traditional control room paper-based log books. Paperless log books enable the capture of observed and non-automated data within the control room and throughout the plant, making digital log sheet information available to all computer users across an organization.


Electronic Log Book Applications

eLogBook can be used to:

  • Record and manage both events and instructions
    With its simpified data-entry process requiring minimal keyboard use, eLogBook is ideal for recording and then managing plants events and issuing instructions
  • Track progress
    Track the progress of 'open' events and monitor all associated actions
  • Create audit trails
    Provide an audit trail for all events
  • Facilitate 'shift-handover'
  • Annunicate important actions/events
    Automatically Issue alarm messages via email, pager or SMS
  • Manage maintenance
    Initiate maintenance requests through integration with Computer-based Maintenance Management systems
  • Integrate with PIMS systems
    Integrate with Plant Information Systems to provide manually captured process data such as tank dips
  • Integrate with LIMS
    Integrate with Laboratory Information Management Systems to receive lab sample requests/results or request samples be tested

eLogBook provides simple log book transparency and information sharing across all key operational departments such as production, maintenance, quality and planning bringing visibility of control room operations to the entire enterprise.

Ease of Use
eLogBook has two user interface environments:

  • web-enabled for thin-client deployment
  • traditional thick-client when advanced reporting features are required

Both user interfaces provide an intuitive environment for data entry and management with configurable 'drop-down' menus and 'point-and-click' selections to minimise keyboard entry.

Plant Operator Log Book Input
An Operator can use eLogBook to create a new log, for example to report a leaking pump. This log will then automatically alert the Maintenance Manager that a product feed pump is leaking. The Maintenance Manager can then issue an instruction to a Maintenance Engineer via email, pager or SMS message to schedule the repair of the pump based on the assigned priority.

Operator Input


Tracking to Completion
The Maintenance Manager can track all open logs to completion providing comprehensive information such as the progress of each log, who is currently working on it and when it is expected to be completed. This information is invaluable for shift handover as it allows the replacement Manager to quickly see the current status of all open logs.

Tracking to Completion


Analysis of Events
Using the filter and report functions the Maintenance Manager is able to analyse team performance to improve proactive and reactive maintenance activities. Two basic types of reports are available:

  • Standalone filtered listings
  • Chained view (cause and effect)



eLogbbook is an electronic logbook designed to minimize keyboard use by control room operators.  It enables streamlined shift handoffs. Events and instructions are stored as structured records that are auditable for improved compliance and events analysis. Human error can be reduced with enhanced communication, action tracking, and external alert capability (such as e-mail and SMS texting).

Product Overview

Exaquantum is a comprehensive Plant Information Management System (PIMS) incorporating a data historian for real time and historical data, alarms, and events along with aggregations, role-based views and KPIs, graphical HMI, trends, reports, and integration with different systems.  It provides a cetralized repository for users throughout the plant and is the foundation for most of Yokogawa's production, safety, and alarm optimization solutions and operator effectiveness solutions. Exaquantum can acquire data from all facets of a process and transform that data into easily usable, high-value actionable information that can be made avaialable across the enterprise.

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